The Best Summer Ever

This isn't my first time in Boracay yet I find my summer vacation this year the best so far. You may find spending 9 days in Boracay as boring but lemme tell you that it wasn't. Having the best company  made each day awesomest.

So here are some moments we had while enjoying the beach under the sun.
We did not talk about what bikini we're gonna wear. Just so happened that we are both wearing a  red swim wear. This is what i called co-accident. Hahaha

         Oooppsss sorry for those blemishes. This is the first time that I had an allergy.

This is super late post. More photos to follow.

Beach Bum!

Sunbathing isn't my favorite thing to do while on the beach. I love water sports so much than spending my time laying on the bench under the big umbrella. It feels too sticky and hot for me. 

Feeling much that I'm a model of this Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Before anything else, don't you ever forget to put some protection on your skin because direct sunlight will damage your skin. You wouldn't like to have sunburn and uneven tanned skin after sunbathing. With that, I tried Vaseline Healthy White SPF24. I find this very useful and trusted. I didn't get uneven skin toned after spending almost 30 mins under the sun. It also didn't give me the sticky feeling after sweating. A must have this summer. How i wish we have a never ending summer season.

What I wear: Sunnies from Lacoste, Brassiere from Bench, Tank top from Forever21, Skirt from Yrys, Sunscreen from Vaseline